Urology is a medical and surgical specialty which treats diseases of the genito-urinary tract of the male and the urinary tract of the female. Patients choose Cypress Pointe Hospital and our board-certified urologists to treat common urologic conditions such as kidney stones, bladder control and enlarged prostate, also known as BPH. Our technology and advancements in urology have been especially beneficial to physicians and patients due to improvements in laparascopy, endoscopic examination for colon cancer, implantation procedures and imaging techniques.

Cypress Pointe Hospital and Urology Clinic is recognized as a Center of Excellence for the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).  Using the UroLift system and latest technological advances, the program optimizes the patient experience.

Learn more about UroLift here.

Common urologic procedures performed at Cypress Pointe Hospital include:

  • Renal Surgery (Kidney)
  • Nephrectomy (Kidney Removal)
  • Surgery of the Ureters
  • Bladder Surgery
  • Prostatic Surgery
  • Urethra Surgery
  • Cystoscopy
  • Lithotripsy