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Assists the surgeon as a scrub technician; assists the circulating nurse; assists in general housekeeping duties of
the OR and maintenance of equipment and instruments. Anticipates the needs of the surgical team. Establishes
and maintains sterile field during surgical procedures in the operating room. Reporting Relationship: Reports to
RN in OR Room and OR Charge RN on a daily basis.

• Ensures sterility of all supplies and instruments during set up of surgical procedures.
• Assists circulating nurse and surgical team in maintaining sterile environment.
• Assists circulating nurse in gathering necessary surgical supplies and equipment. Is responsible for doing sponge, needle, and instrument count pre-operatively and intra-operative with the circulating nurse.
• Gowns and gloves surgeons and assistants.
• Assists in keeping physician preference cards accurate/updated.
• Retains all specimens to be sent to pathology, confirming source/name of specimen with surgeon.
• Transports all surgical equipment to appropriate cleaning areas.
• Assists in sterile supply with cleaning and reprocessing of instrument sets.
• Interacts appropriately and effectively with all patients/others regardless of age or ethnic background.
• Uses Standard Universal Precautions, appropriate hand hygiene, personal protective equipment, and safe practices to ensure personal safety and a safe environment.
• Assists with environmental hazard and infection control surveillance and participates in emergency preparedness drills.
• Follows all equipment and safety guidelines and is responsible for knowledgeable use and care of equipment.
• Serves as a resource to other members of the health care team.
Nursing Processes
• Assists physicians as a sterile member of the operating room team.
• Maintains awareness to prevent surgical harm or injury to patient.
• Exhibits interest in surgical nursing procedures.
• Prepares medication under the supervision of the R.N. in charge of the case.
• Maintains proper body mechanics while turning, lifting, bending, stretching, walking and standing.
• Performs duties designated by the Director of Surgical Services or charge nurse.
Clinical Skills
• Demonstrates a consistent high degree of accuracy in the accomplishments of daily activities.
• Possesses knowledge of surgical procedures.
• Possesses a working knowledge of equipment used in the operating room.
• Assists professional nursing staff by scrubbing on all types of surgery cases.
• Participates in providing and presenting educational instruction on existing and newly acquired equipment and instruments.
• Cost effectively maintains adequate supplies and equipment in appropriate working condition.
• Maintains quality of surgical instruments through proper maintenance, cleaning, lubricating, sterilization, utilization, and storage according to the manufacturers specifications.
• Maintains a clean, safe, environment for processing sterile supplies.
• Responsible for decontamination procedure on all instruments and equipment.
• Reports damaged instruments to Director of Surgical Services and follows proper procedure for damaged instrument and/or equipment.
• Other duties as assigned/ required.

The above statements are only meant to be a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities performed by incumbents of this job. The incumbents may be requested to perform job related tasks other than those stated in this description.

• Satisfactory completion of an accredited program for surgical technology and/or an acquired knowledge of surgical instrumentation and sterile technique from experience. Acquired knowledge and skills performance is evaluated during the orientation period and employment is contingent upon satisfactory results.
• Current BLS required, PALS and ACLS preferred. Must be through the American Heart Association.

The Nurse Practitioner (NP) provides patient care services by scheduling, supervising, and/or conducting diagnostic and therapeutic procedures; participating independently in delivery of direct patient care within the scope of the authority granted by the Louisiana State Board of Nursing which encompasses all protocols and standards.

• Patient Relations:
1. Ensures patient satisfaction by proactively assessing the needs of the patient and family members
2. Responding to patient requests in an efficient and timely manner
3. Practices confidentiality in regard to patient information while at work and off duty
• Assessment
1. Performs medical examinations and evaluations and diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, consultations, and health education relevant to patient’s care
2. Obtains patient histories and develops patient care charts to ensure accuracy and completeness
3. Recognizes patient abnormalities, urgent needs, emergencies and seeks physician assistance
• Treatment Care
1. Implements nursing care in accordance with established policies and procedures adapting techniques to meet individual patient needs
2. Knowledge about standard practice and procedures that monitor, prevent, and control infection in the clinic setting
3. Instructs patients on care and techniques and provides information on compliance with the treatment plans
4. Acts as an advocate in providing safe delivery of care at all times
5. Documents patient care, changes in symptoms and reactions and documents the action in response to those changes
6. Teaches patients and families all new procedures and medications
7. Participates in preventative health maintenance initiatives and recalls
• Implementation
1. Assists in obtaining and documenting prior authorization for patient tests and procedures
2. Maintains knowledge about referrals guidelines and physician networks
• Evaluation
1. Critical thinking ability sufficient for identifying cause and effect relations in clinical situations
2. Evaluates patient status and response to treatment
3. Evaluates effectiveness of patient teaching and discharge planning activities
4. Modifies the plan of care based on evaluation of patient outcomes
5. Evaluates results of diagnostic studies (lab, x-ray, holter monitors)
• Documentation
1. Accurately and appropriately documents observations, actions, and patient activities
2. Maintains patient chart medication log
3. Maintains sample medication log
4. Initiates and completes documentation of patient interactions including telephone encounters, medical procedures, consent forms, and other related communication
• Leadership
1. Guides, directs, and instructs staff members in areas related to patient care work performance, problem solving, and decision making
2. Make sound decisions as demonstrated by: obtaining and analyzing all pertinent information; evaluating results of decision and actions
3. Coordinates clinic work to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency by: setting priorities, functioning in an organized and focused manner, utilizing supportive personnel, identifying potential problem situations and intervening to offset adverse impact, demonstrating a proactive approach to problem solving, maintaining an awareness of cost-effective utilization of resources, both human and material
• Safety/Infection
1. Follows job safety requirements
2. Demonstrates safe habits in the work place with concern for the safety of the employees and patients.
• Other duties as assigned/ required.

The above statements are only meant to be a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities performed by incumbents of this job. The incumbents may be requested to perform job related tasks other than those stated in this description.

• Education: Master’s Degree with a concentration in the respective advanced practice nursing specialty from an accredited college or university
• Licensure/Certification: Nurse Practitioner with a current state license; BLS certification required;
• Experience: Minimum one year experience in advanced practice nursing and knowledge of scope of practice