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Operating Room Circulator (Part Time-RN)

The CNA adheres to established nursing care standards, assists in patient admission, transfer and discharge; measures and records data relating to patient care; and reports all observed patient symptoms and reactions to appropriate personnel. The Certified Nursing Assistant will assist patients with activities of daily living (i.e. positioning, dressing, and ambulating) while demonstrating compassion and understanding for the physical and psychological needs relevant to the age of the patient served. Additional responsibilities include performing delegated patient care procedures under the supervision of a registered nurse; utilizing all equipment and supplies in an economical and prudent manner; and demonstrating compassion and respect in all contacts with patients, family members and fellow employees. They can also respond to request of physicians, nurses and other staff members.

• Adheres to aseptic technique.
• Maintains patient’s safety at all times.
• Safely transports patient maintaining patient privacy and comfort.
• Maintains proper body mechanics while turning, lifting, bending, stretching, walking, and standing.
• Position of patients as directed by the registered nurse or physician.
• Knows and understands basic hand washing and aseptic techniques.
• Performs intermittent and terminal cleaning procedures according to CPSH Policy.
• Cost effectively maintains adequate supplies and equipment in appropriate working condition.
• Maintains a clean, safe, and quiet environment for patients, as well as, other personnel.
• Provides for patient privacy and confidentiality at all times, allows patient dignity to be maintained.
• Demonstrates ability to perform in emergency situations for the safety and well-being of the patient, under direction of a registered nurse or physician.
• Possesses a working knowledge of equipment used on Wing A.
• Assists in maintenance care and cleanliness of supplies – cost effectively maintains adequate supplies and equipment in appropriate working condition with proper documentation.
• Reports damaged instruments to the Wing A/Respiratory Manager and follows proper procedure for damaged instruments and/or equipment.
• Demonstrate complete Vital Signs (manually and mechanically)
• Report any abnormal ranges or patient status change to RN
• Provides patient safety, privacy and confidentiality at all times
• Collects urine and stool specimens
• Observes Seizure Precautions
• Protocol for Isolation patients
• Assist patients with Daily ADL’s. Bath, Oral hygiene, Toileting, Feeding, Ambulation
• Empty and document accurately Surgical Drains, JP Drain, Hemovac
• Monitors and reports any skin breakdown
• Other duties as assigned.
The above statements are only meant to be a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities performed by incumbents of this job. The incumbents may be requested to perform job related tasks other than those stated in this description.

• High School Diploma or Equivalent and current CNA certification.
Must have BLS through the American Heart Association

Assist the O.R. Manager in the operations of the unit. Serves as a liaison between surgeons, anesthesiologists, O.R. Manager and staff. Assists in scheduling to insure quality care. Responsible for the smooth and uneventful intraoperative care.

Reports to work as scheduled (Attendance, Punctuality, etc.)
Clocks self in and out on time clock correctly.
Uses correct procedure for notification of illness.
Seeks approval from OR manager for any unscheduled overtime.
Cooperates when the work schedule must be altered.
Adheres to appropriate dress code for area.
Maintains personal hygiene and cleanliness.
Adheres to aseptic technique.
Completes annual OSHA update.
Provides OR manager with verification of yearly requirements (TB test, annual physical and blood work).
Adheres to CPSH Policy and Procedure.
Maintains patient’s safety at all times.
Wears ID name card so name and title are clearly visible at all times.
Attends mandatory In service Education Classes
Views required educational films, annually (TB, Hepatitis, Infection Control, Hospital Safety, Back Tips, Fire & Electrical)
Provides OR manager with professional license verification on an annual basis prior to December 31 of expiration year.

Nursing Processes
Utilizes assessment skills and tools to identify problems, needs and intervention.
Recognizes patient’s and family’s need for instructions and initiates appropriate action.
Sets priorities for action, based on problem-solving process, common sense, and meeting patient care priorities.
Recognizes and responds appropriately to signs, symptoms of health threatening changes and reports abnormal results of diagnostic studies to appropriate physician.
Utilizes work assignment to develop special abilities of individuals and meet special needs of patients/significant others.
Participates in reviewing and revising quality assurance improvement criteria and/or standards of care.

Directing Staff
Assists OR manager in operations of the unit.
Makes daily staff assignments directed towards developing individual abilities and meeting patient needs.
Assists in scheduling staff to insure quality care:
Makes adjustments in assignments based on call-ins.
Coordinates breaks and lunches as necessary.
Makes assignments for the next day.
Acts as a resource person for staff development.
Demonstrates leadership as a role model.
Coordinates orientation of new personnel.
Coordinates flow of procedures to facilitate efficient use of operating rooms and staff.

Clinical Skills
Completes unit specific Nurse Competency Checklist on a yearly basis.
Obtains a medical history through interview of patient or family members with pertinent information documented and communicated to surgeon and/or Anesthesiologist.
Administers parenteral therapy and blood and blood products according to Policy.
Administers medications according to CPSH Policy.
Carries out physician’s orders accurately, clarifying unclear orders.
Performs treatments and procedures according to CPSH Policy.
Cost effectively maintains adequate supplies and equipment in appropriate working condition.
Initiates and carries out appropriate emergency procedures.
Initiates nurse-physician communication as appropriate.
Maintains a clean, safe, and quite environment for patients, as well as other personnel.
Utilizes sound nursing judgment as evidence by ability to provide rationale for decisions made.
Demonstrates skills in organization: Accurately anticipates needs of surgical team by timely availability of needed supplies and equipment.
Provides for patient privacy and confidentiality at all times, allows patient dignity to be maintained.
Recognizes potential benefits of selected new products and discusses with OR manager possible acquisition for use.
Documents, in writing the specific actions during codes and conveys this information to O.R. Manger.
Serves as resource person for updating or improving patient care practices.
Assists in facilitating patient-physician-nurse communication process.
Serves as preceptor in orientation of new employees.
Assumes leadership role, acting as a role model especially in crisis situations.
Assists in development and implementation of departmental goals.
Possesses a working knowledge of equipment used in the O.R., as demonstrated by completing competency checklist.
Assists in maintenance, care, and cleanliness of supplies – cost effectively maintains adequate supplies and equipment in appropriate working condition with proper documentation.
Reports damaged instruments to the OR manager and follows proper procedure for damaged instruments and/or equipment.
Assist the OR manager in obtaining the supplies, equipment, etc. necessary to do the scheduled cases.

Uses full name and title in all signatures, as delineated in the CPSH Policy and Procedure Manual.
Uses CPSH approved abbreviations.
Documents information in chronological order, at the time of the event or observations, with time and date included.
Documents and signs those events personally performed or observed.
Actively participates in daily narcotic drug counts and documents appropriately.
Actively participates in daily refrigerator temperature and defibrillator check and documents appropriately.
Documents in a clear, concise, accurate, and legible manner.
Documents the necessary information to communicate the patient’s progress based on the established plan of care.
Selects and initiates appropriate forms at appropriate time(s).
Reviews and implements changes in physician’s orders throughout patient care.
Assists with the change process involved in implementing new forms within the O.R. Department.

Interpersonal Relations
Maintains a positive and professional attitude at all times, works cooperatively and effectively with all members of health care team.
Communicates staff performance to unit manager.
Communicates patient issues and/or problems to Unit Manager and/or Director of Nursing.
Communicates change and implements change cooperatively.
Communicates with physicians, unit personnel and other departments in a courteous and professional manner.
Discusses problems or complaints with O.R. Manager, following proper chain of command.
Accepts constructive criticism from the OR manager and Administration.
Identifies when coworkers need assistance and cooperates willingly with coworkers in completing heavy work assignments.
Identifies need for change and contributes possible solutions to implement change to O.R. Manger.
Seeks ways to improve learning experiences for unit personnel and new employees.
Communicates with scheduling desk by giving updated information concerning changes made within the daily surgery schedule.

Professional Development
Completes written self-evaluation two weeks prior to annual date and submits for review with O.R. Manger.
Attends and participates in mandatory in services and unit meetings.
Reads and initials new policies and procedures, unit meeting minutes, and memorandums.
Shares unit staff information gained at workshops attended and participates in educational planning.
Conducts, participates in, or coordinates one unit in service per year based on learning needs of unit.
Demonstrates continued professional growth through participation in professional organization, continuing formal education, area certification, etc.
Utilizes current health care literature made available by facility on a regular basis.


May assist Director of the OR and CNO when needed