Physician Portal

Physician Portal provides credentialed physicians of Cypress Pointe Surgical Hospital with access to resources such as Chartlink, Email, and Pacs systems.


ChartLink® was designed to provide physicians with access through the hospital’s web site that is compliant with the current HCFA Internet and proposed HIPAA rules. ChartLink® utilizes standard web browsers and ISP connections for accessing the hospital’s web site. ChartLink® access is easy and requires no special training. Once logged on to the Physician Access area of the hospital’s web page, physicians are able to search for patients with customized access to their patients. Information for a selected patient is provided in a user-friendly virtual chart format that mimics a physical chart. For example, a physician wishing to review a patient’s laboratory results would select the Laboratory tab of the virtual chart. The physician would then be presented with a drop down menu of the contents of that section of the virtual chart and would be able to select the desired report. Reports are displayed as documents in a separate browser window in Adobe PDF format.


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Radiology images


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