Ideal Protein

What is Ideal Protein?

Ideal Protein is a four-phase medically designed weight loss program that focuses on sparing your lean muscle mass while preferentially burning fat. The average person loses approximately two to six pounds per week while on the first phase of the program. At our clinic, you are under the supervision of a Registered Dietitian, whom you will meet with weekly while on the protocol. During these weekly visits, your dietitian will track your weight loss progress by looking at your weight, body fat percentage, measurements, and reviewing your food journal. Beyond weight loss, our dietitian will work with you to achieve a healthier lifestyle by maintaining your weight over time.

Benefits of the Program


Weekly personalized counseling sessions with a certified and registered dietitian


Online support group where you can share success, recipes, and ideas with past and current dieters

Online Assets

Daily coaching videos, as well as cooking and fitness videos, delivered to your email


Weight loss to achieve a healthier lifestyle and ongoing support to keep the weight off for good!

What is the Cost Vs. Value of the Program?

The cost of Ideal Protein’s comprehensive program is integrated into each box of food. The value of what you receive in return for your investment in losing weight and improving your health goes considerably beyond the consumption of highly bioavailable, protein-based foods made from quality ingredients.
To enroll in the program, you will pay an initial enrollment fee of $150, which includes all of your visits with our dietitian, body fat scans, and benefits of the program such as support group and coaching videos. At weekly visits, you will purchase your Ideal Protein foods that range in price from $4.23 to $5.19 per item. The cost will be determined by which phase of the program you are on:

  • Phase 1: Expect to purchase 21 items each week
  • Phase 2: Expect to purchase 14 items each week
  • Phase 3: Expect to purchase 7 items each week
  • Phase 4: You will purchase items as you’d like or as needed

How Long Will I Be on the Program?

The length of time you can expect to be on the program depends on the amount of weight loss you would like to lose. Below is a breakdown of approximately how many weeks you will be on the plan.
(These are estimates as some people will lose weight at quicker or slower rates)

  • Phase 1: Female: # of pounds to lose /2.5 = number of weeks on phase 1 | Male: # of pounds to lose /3.5 = number of weeks on phase 1
  • Phase 2: 2 weeks
  • Phase 3: 2 weeks

Can anyone participate?

Yes, but depending on your health conditions, we may contact your physician for approval before you can begin. By working with a dietitian, medical issues that may affect or be affected by weight loss (diabetes, high blood pressure, PCOS) will be taken into account to give you a safe, but effective treatment plan.

Where are services offered?

Our Ideal Protein clinic is conveniently located inside Cypress Pointe Surgical Hospital, which is right off the I-12 Airport Road exit in Hammond, LA.

How do I get started?

Contact our registered dietitian who can help you set-up your initial consultation appointment!
Kayla Krodinger,RD, LDN
(985) 510-6166